Corporate Case Study

A Commercial Developer


The challenge was misaligned leadership, and they were missing out on opportunities for much-needed change and growth.
Months worked addressing Challenge:



Company divisions involved in the engagement:

  • Finance
  • Construction and Development
  • Leasing
  • Maintenance
  • Property Management
  • Brand and Human Resource

The overall themes included

Clarity, Trust Building and Co-creation.  We brought the leaders together and formed Rules of Engagement and a cadence of meetings with a prescribed meeting structure. We co-created a shared vision and shared success.  We uncovered obstacles to work on together to overcome.  We assigned tasks to take on.  We kept notes on who would do what and helped people hold themselves accountable.  Inside this ‘Structure to Support,’ the leaders gained new skillsets, understanding, connection, trust, and confidence in their ability to make things happen.
Team Dynamic
Coaching Conversations

Pivots made during the engagement

Inside this engagement and the conversations created in the leadership meetings, they got to know each other better and understood each other’s strengths and gaps.  The business became less siloed and more focussed on the end goal and the part that each plays in making that happen. They did better planning, made things more visible to each other, and got better aligned, producing better relationships and results. This increased clarity and confidence built better trust throughout the organization.

Stories you remember about the engagement

Overall, working with this leadership team, they had increased transparency, clarity, communication, alignment, trust, and of course – results.

Any additional comments:

At the end of the first 90-Day Sprint, I met with the CEO and leadership team to ask about the progress made and see if they would like to continue this path.  The CEO said, “We have been talking about some of these things for years, and in 90 days, we have accomplished so much, and I can see so much more potential – YES, we want to continue on this path!”