collaboration to
produce results.

Actionable guidance to navigate and
execute complex concepts, simply.


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The Quinton Group is focused on
getting people to work together
to achieve results.

These issues may be invisible,
but the impact is not!

Our experience has shown that when an organization is not meeting its objectives, it is often because the organization, or parts of it, is not performing well as a team.
Trust, transparency, commitment, clarity and collaboration are the areas we work on most often.

If one of these areas is off, it causes issues in the team dynamic, the culture aspiration, and overall productivity.

There are two kinds of ‘silos’ – the visible kind that is established in the organizational structure and the invisible kind, which we refer to as the social structure – the level at which people relate, connect, talk, share and discover.

Working with the Quinton Group produces


Driven to increase team productivity and company growth

A Strategic Partner

Developed to meet your unique needs


Built into your team's foundation for significant shifts in interactions and outcomes

Strengthening collaboration
produces results.


Team Engagements

Developed in partnership, we layout a custom program to personally work with each member of your team individually and as a group. The greatest results are achieved when each team member is able to grow in their role.

1:1 Leadership Engagements

They say company culture is from the top, down. I agree. Putting attention on personal growth and leadership growth will uplevel the company's overall culture to grow and produce results.


The best way to engage your entire company is to put every employee through The Essentials course. This course gives the company common language and philosophies that will transform the way you interact as a team.


Alfred G.

SVP, Insurance

The Quinton Group reduces the stress of managing complex business issues and human capital dynamics by providing hands-on professional coaching solutions to executives and leadership teams so they can be more focused and productive.

Ian G.

Managing Partner, Technology

Your intervention strategy averted a critical employee retention crisis which would have had significant impact on our business.  Although the issue was complicated, your involvement resulted in a workable solution that was achievable and resolved the issue on a permanent basis.