Strengthening Trust to Produce Results

With over three decades of experience, Tracy Quinton and her team have empowered executive leaders with the awareness and tools they need to align their organizations while propelling strategic, transformational change.

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collaboration to
produce results.

Actionable guidance to navigate and
execute complex concepts, simply.


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The Quinton Group is focused on
getting people to work together
to achieve results.

Engaging leaders in required change

With consulting and coaching experience across academia, banking, healthcare, insurance, government, oil and gas and telecommunications industries, Tracy is relied upon for her insightfulness and intuition, ability to quickly build trust, ask the right questions, and her straightforward, direct approach to initiate and sustain positive systemic change.

Bill K.

Head of Learning & Development, One of Canada’s Top Five Banks

As the Lead of an L&D function within a major Canadian Bank, I had the pleasure of working with Tracy when we needed real change and an effective coaching strategy for our most senior leaders. We chose Tracy over larger firms, to lead this training, as her approach was more directly aimed at transferring behaviour and engaging our leaders in required change. Her approach is less “classroom lecture with handouts” and more direct discussion with engaging, effective interaction and personal follow-up where needed. This project proved successful as Tracy’s direct style and interactive format, in 1:1 and group sessions, enabled us to effectively evolve a coaching culture and gain broad acceptance on all key principles.

Change Starts with Trust

Strategic, purposeful organizational change always begins with one individual. In most cases, that individual is the executive leader. Overwhelmed or distracted executives need help recognizing personal and organizational blind spots for strategic, purposeful change to occur.  

Executive leaders praise Tracy for the tools she provides to:

Clear the chaos
Recognize behaviours that are standing in the way of progress, even as they’re happening
Communicate in a clear, respectful, and direct way with others to drive the desired change

MaryAnn M.

EdD., Retired Vice Provost, Emeritus Dean

Tracy can very quickly and accurately read a person and a situation to give proper guidance on how to move forward. Her comments are never personal or harmful, but they always make you think. Tracy is also the consummate storyteller. She translates complex human behaviour of leadership actions by telling stories or using metaphors that stay with you so you never forget. This makes her an extremely powerful facilitator. Her message stays with the receiver, no matter what level they’re at in an organization, for years to come.

From Senior Leaders to the Masses

Positive, sustainable change can be challenging in large, highly matrixed organizations, especially when it involves a restructuring, merger, or acquisition.

With a vast knowledge of human dynamics, behavioural science and its application in business, Tracy’s no-nonsense approach involves real conversations in real time about real issues. Once ‘the truth’ of the problem is revealed, the iLearnOnQ™ learning platform gets to the heart of the matter with employees.

With robust video content, iLearnOnQ™ is a feedback mechanism for employees to share “their version of the story”. The program is accompanied by workbooks, LAB assignments, resources, and group sessions with Quinton Group coaches who are strategically aligned with executive leadership mandates, while having the best interests of the whole organization at heart.

iLearnOnQ™ asks the right questions and provides the tools to build trust for results and motivates people to really think about and act on how they want the situation to improve.

The result is a more motivated, strategically aligned individual and team.

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Bonnie A.

CEO of Canadian Hospital

Tracy, the passion you display for whatever you do and what you believe in is your trademark characteristic.  This is coupled by the ability you have to affect people in a very positive, growing and long-lasting way.  While your encounters with people may be brief, you give them the empowering gift of knowledge that is with them for a lifetime.

Alfred F.

SVP, Insurance

The Quinton Group reduces the stress of managing complex business issues and human capital dynamics by providing hands-on professional coaching solutions to executives and leadership teams so they can be more focused and productive.

Ian G.

Managing Partner, Technology

Your intervention strategy averted a critical employee retention crisis which would have had significant impact on our business.  Although the issue was complicated, your involvement resulted in a workable solution that was achievable and resolved the issue on a permanent basis.

Working with the Quinton Group produces


Built into your team's foundation for significant shifts in interactions and outcomes


Driven to increase team productivity and company growth

A Strategic Partner

Developed to meet your unique needs

Strengthening collaboration
produces results.


Team Engagements

Developed in partnership, we layout a custom program to personally work with each member of your team individually and as a group. The greatest results are achieved when each team member is able to grow in their role.

1:1 Leadership Engagements

They say company culture is from the top, down. I agree. Putting attention on personal growth and leadership growth will uplevel the company's overall culture to grow and produce results.


The best way to engage your entire company is to put every employee through The Essentials Program. This program gives the company common language and philosophy that will transform the way you interact as a team.