Level Up Your Internal Strength and Wisdom

Corporate Case Study

Financial Industry


Commercial Sales Division was at risk due to a change in the banking industry.
numerous locations across the country.
Months worked addressing Challenge:



Executive leader learns from Tracy Quinton how to build trust.

Company divisions involved in the engagement:

  • Senior executives in Commercial Banking

Approach of the engagement:

A group of 60 senior leaders, many close to retirement and full of wisdom and experience.  Very valued partners in the business; however, the business was changing and needed the senior executives to make changes as well.  They were very resistant to making any changes or even considering any change due to their tenure and closeness to retirement.  However, they still had some years before retirement, and we knew if we could make the change at this level, then the rest of the organization would follow. Due to changes in the banking industry, market growth needed to become a top priority, and approaches had to change in order to do this. In the discovery process, we uncovered that there was no real foundation for developing leaders at this highest level. The Leaders were resistant at first until we built trust.

Pivots made during the engagement

Listening to their concerns and addressing them was a crucial first step.  Helping them to see the contribution and legacy they could make was interesting to them.  We started with what was possible and together co-created what would be needed to make that happen.  I offered some things for them to try.  Some leaders were early adopters, and eventually, the wait-and-see leaders jumped in too when they saw the results their peers were having.  We adjusted the way they talk with each other, with their direct reports and the business they are responsible for.

Stories you remember about the engagement

One of the most senior leaders was also the most resistant to any change I proposed.  He, in time, said, “I didn’t like you in the beginning, not because of you, but because of me.  I didn’t want to change.  But when I saw the results my peers were having by doing the things you showed them, I thought I better get in the game.”  I smiled when I heard this – and he said this in front of the CEO and 59 of his peers.  Proud moment for both of us.

High-level outcomes:

In the end, they all came together and shared how resistant they were in the beginning and how their tenure and habits were actually getting in the way of what was possible.  They realized and acknowledged that the work we did together was about uncovering how to best utilize their tenure and wisdom and take it to the next level and not allow it to hold them back from being open to other ways of looking at things.  This was a significant breakthrough for them.  The Commercial Sales division made substantial changes in how it conducted business and connected and related to the Customer. It had considerable growth, which started during my work with them and continued from there.