Don’t Let Bad Leaders Lead Good People

Corporate Case Study

Executive Leadership Healthcare


Antiquated structures and history were holding executives back from high levels of performance and this trickled down throughout the entire organization.
Months worked addressing Challenge:



Company divisions involved in the engagement:

  • Executive Leadership Team in large hospital with multiple locations.

Approach of the engagement:

We discovered that there were competing priorities within the multiple layers of leadership.  Leaders spent more time fighting and figuring out ‘others’ motives’ versus being motivated to do what is best for the organization.  Lack of trust was a huge issue, along with alienation and territorial behaviours – all dysfunctional and getting in the way of what is best for the organization, the patients, and the community.We brought in new ways of working together, having impactful conversations, and building trust.  We looked at what was mandated and then went above that to what was possible.  In the excitement of what was possible, barriers quickly surfaced.  We uncovered and addressed the barriers, working together and co-creating strategies to overcome the barriers.  We co-created plans with all involved.  We included other leaders into the mix to begin to show them there is a new way of doing things. Incuding people and co-creating together continued to built trust. We helped them see the importance of setting a great example and including other levels of leadership to partner and work together for the best result for the organization, patients, and community.

Pivots made during the engagement

I know it may seem odd to put the organization before the patient; however, in this work, I needed the organization to be healthy first; I knew this, in turn, would help the patients and community.

Stories you remember about the engagement

It is very important to note that they had hired leaders for performance and had not considered attitude and professional behaviour in their selections.  It is imperative to include all the noted elements: performance, attitude and professional behaviour.  Leaders set an example, and others watch to see how they interact and perform.  Leaders were selected for performance only. Their attitude and unprofessional behaviours broke members of their teams, caused good talent to leave or go on short-term/long-term disability, and those that stayed mistreated others – it was not healthy.  Please don’t let bad leaders lead good people.

High-level outcomes:

I loved watching good leaders rise up, speak up and make the difference they really wanted and needed to make.  They were no longer quieted or discounted by the loudest voices or personalities in the room.