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The Quinton Group is focused on getting people to work together to achieve results.

Our experience has shown that when an organization is not meeting its objectives, it is often because the organization, or parts of it, is not performing well as a team. This can happen when the organization is facing challenges due to a merger, acquisition or re-structuring.

About the Quinton Group

The Quinton Group approach is strategic and results oriented.  
The focus is on achieving the organization’s objectives through in-depth exploration, strategic analysis of the way forward, and the implementation of exceptional solutions and programs that foster sustainable change.
First, we need to get to the true core of the issue and work from there.  We work with you, alongside your people, to co-create and build in the structures to support your ongoing successes.

The Partnership for Results System™

The Partnership for Results System™ is the core of Quinton Group. It is a unique process, whereby the Quinton Group and the client work together to determine a road map for meeting the organization’s objectives. It consists of six key components, each of which results in solid deliverable results. The client will gain value at each stage, resulting in complete flexibility to develop with the Quinton Group, the solution that is right for them.
Our company has a solid track record in successfully working with organizations when they have faced organizational challenges, helping to uncover what is really going on and working from there to build the organization into what it aspires to and needs to be.

Client Base

  • Academia
  • Associations
  • Banking
  • Boards & Administration
  • Building Industry
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Dental
  • Direct Sales
  • Government
  • Health Sciences
  • Insurance
  • Military
  • Oil & Gas
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications


Bill K.

Senior Manager, Learning & Development

As the Lead of an L&D function within a major Canadian Bank, I had the pleasure of working with Tracy as our business advanced, we needed real change and an effective coaching strategy for our most senior leaders. We chose Tracy, over larger firms, to lead this training, as her approach was more directly aimed at transferring behaviour and engaging our leaders in required change. Less “classroom lecture with handouts”, more direct discussion, engaging, effective interaction and personal follow up where needed. This project proved successful as Tracy’s direct style and interactive format, in 1:1 and group sessions, enabled us to effectively evolve a coaching culture and gain broad acceptance on all key principles.

Alfred F.

SVP, Insurance

The Quinton Group reduces the stress of managing complex business issues and human capital dynamics by providing hands-on professional coaching solutions to executives and leadership teams so they can be more focused and productive.

Ian G.

Managing Partner, Technology

Your intervention strategy averted a critical employee retention crisis which would have had significant impact on our business.  Although the issue was complicated, your involvement resulted in a workable solution that was achievable and resolved the issue on a permanent basis.